Ultrasound Tooth Brushing System

Our tooth brushing system has been really popular, and is an excellent extra added to your dogs grooming routine. The Ultrasound waves kill bacteria around your dogs tooth, the micro bubbles from our special tooth paste slowly and gently breaks down and softens the plaque. Some dogs need one session to see a good result, and some need up to five sessions. 

We need a good guarantee that your dog will be happy with us in their mouth with a brush, if your dog is nervous or mouthy then this one isn't for them. 

We sometimes have to recommend the vet if your dogs teeth are wobbly or too receded, for a deep descale and possible extractions. After this is done you can get them into a good brushing routine to keep them clean!

£30 per 30 minute session, £15 for dogs under 1 year (to get them used to it and prevent any plaque building!)