Puppy Packages

Many puppies are left too late before a good grooming schedule is put into place, meaning grooming is scary to them!

We offer a puppy grooming package for young pups between 12 weeks and 6 months. 3 x 1 Hour* sessions for £60*, with a 2-3 week gap in-between each session.

In these sessions we get them used to the bath, dryers, having their nails clipped and their eyes cleaned. We introduce them to clippers and scissors (although we don't do a full groom, unless the pup is ready and that's what you would like- there is an additional charge then for the extra time it will take), and show them what a doggy toothbrush is.

The whole process is filled with fun, treats and toys, and your pup will come away having had a fun and exhausting session each time! 

Perfect for all breeds, even a dog with very short hair and little grooming requirements will benefit from socialisation and a new person pampering them for an hour.

We do offer a single puppy bath appointment for £25 too

*Some puppies may need longer than one hour depending on breed, larger breed dogs may be more than the £60 

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