Dog Grooming Price Guide

Pricing is a guide only, if your dog is heavily matted, has behavioural problems on the table, has fleas or other problems there will be an extra charge. Please let me know when booking your appointment so I can allocate extra time.

A Mini Groomis a Bath, Condition and Fluff dry and Brush (You can add a Nail trim or Head tidy up for £5 extra)

A Full Groomincludes Wash, Condition, Fluff dry, Brush, Nails, Haircut of owners choice, Ears cleaned and plucked if necessary.

If your dog breed is not listed please get in touch for a price!

We also offer a SPA pack for £10, including dremelled nails (instead of clipped, less sharp straight after) plus a Melon or Blueberry Facial, and softening paw and nose balm.

**Please Note When you book an appointment you are subject to our cancellation policy. If you cancel your appointment with in 48 hours you are subject to a 50% charge of your appointment as we cannot fill the space. If you cancel with in 24 hours, or do not turn up to your appointment, there is a full charge of your appointment. This includes all services not just grooming. Thank you **


Mini Groom From £25

Full Groom From £35

Bernese Mountain Dog

Full Groom Only From £70


Mini Groom From £30

Full Groom From £45

Border Terrier

Mini Groom From £20 

Full Groom From £40

(Please note we do not offer hand stripping)

Cavalier/ King Charles 

Mini Groom From £20

Full Groom From £40

Cockapoo/ Cavapoo

Mini Groom From £30

Full Groom From £45

Cocker Spaniel

Mini Groom From £30

Full Groom From £45


Mini Groom From £15 (Smooth Coat)

From £20 (Long Coat)

Full Groom From £30 (Smooth Coat)

From £35 (Long Coat)

French Bull Dog 

Mini Groom- From £20 

Full Groom- From £30

Golden Retriever

Full Groom Only- From £60

Jack Russel

Mini Groom From £20

Full Groom From £35


Mini Groom From £35

Full Groom From £40


Mini Groom From £50

Full Groom From £65

Lhasa Apso

Mini Groom From £20

Full Groom From £40

Mini Schnauzer

Mini Groom From £20

Full Groom From £40



Mini Groom From £30

Full Groom From £40


Mini Groom From £35

Full Groom From £50


Mini Groom From £40

Full Groom From £75

Shih Tzu

Mini Groom From £20

Full Groom From £40

West Highland Terrier

Mini Groom From £20

Full Groom From £40

Mixed Breeds please enquire with photos for a quote!

Puppy Grooms

Puppy Grooms start from £25 for all breeds up to 4 months.

Please see our puppy intro packages (£60 for 3 introductory sessions)


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