• Dog Grooming in Great Dunmow

    Dog grooming in a calm and fun environment, one-to-one sessions with no waiting in cages!

  • What We Do at Dog Days Dunmow

    Our goal is to ensure your dogs have the best time possible while they are with us

    Dog Grooming Salon

    Freshen up with a mini groom or keep it tidy with a full groom!

    We have a natural ethos and only use the best shampoos, conditioners and fragrance sprays on our clients. We recommend a good quality diet to keep your dogs skin and coat in its best condition, and can offer advice on Raw food, kibble and treats to buy.


    We operate a one-groom-at-a-time appointment system so your dog wont sit in a cage for hours waiting their turn. All dogs have breaks throughout their groom to have a play, a wee in our garden space and a couple of treats to make their experience the best time it can be!


    Prices start at £25 for a full groom (Tiny breed) and just £10 for a mini groom (short hair tiny breed). A mini groom is a bath, condition, brush/ fluff out. We also do puppy grooms and are happy for puppies to come in to socialise and just get treated in the bath!


    Scroll down for Grooming prices


    Call us or send us a text/email to discuss your requirements. We can collect and drop off dogs to Bishops Stortford, Takeley and surrounding areas in our purpose fitted van.


    Please note if a dog is badly matted or knotted there is an extra charge.


    New TEETH CLEANING service!

    We have already had some great results!

    We are very excited about our new teeth cleaning service. Our amazing new ultrasound toothbrush is silent, motionless and does not hurt! If your dog has some plaque on his teeth this will work to slowly break it down, killing bacteria on the tooth and also below the gum line. Get on top of your dogs teeth cleaning routine now and save them from having to go under anaesthetic at the vets in the future for a full dental treatment. You can add this service to a groom or book in for just teeth. Some dogs need just one treatment to see a result, some need up to 5.


    £30 per 20 minute session

    Bark and Ride for FREE!

    Collection and drop off and Pet taxi service

    Our specially fitted van will collect your dog and take them to and from the centre safely. They have their own crate with a comfy mat or bed to sit on, so they are secure and happy for the journey.

    We offer this service for free in Bishops Stortford, Takeley and Great Dunmow, but if you live further than this, get in touch as we still may be able to cater for you and your pup!


    **We are awaiting the arrival of our NEW dog taxi so please double check if we can accommodate at the minute!**

    Use our space to train or party!

    Time to celebrate

    We offer hire of the centre for dogs and their friends to come and celebrate! Get in touch to find out what package we can put together for you. We can help with many requests including doggy birthday cakes, party bags and games!

    We also hire our space out of hours to dog owners who wish to use it for some training, or just have some fun for a little while indoors! Particularly helpful if your dog isn't suitable for day care with other dogs, they can still enjoy the toys and play equipment for an hour or however long you choose!

  • Grooming Price Guide

    Pricing is a guide only, if your dog is heavily matted, has behavioural problems on the table, has fleas or other problems there will be an extra charge. Please let me know when booking your appointment so I can allocate extra time.

    A Mini Groom is a Bath, Condition and Fluff dry and Brush (You can add a Nail trim or Head tidy up for £5 extra)

    A Full Groom includes Wash, Condition, Fluff dry, Brush, Nails, Haircut of owners choice, Ears cleaned and plucked if necessary.

    If your dog breed is not listed please get in touch for a price!


    Mini Groom From £30

    Full Groom From £40

    Bernese Mountain Dog

    Full Groom only- From £70


    Mini Groom From £20

    Full Groom From £40

    Border Terrier

    Mini Groom From £20

    Full Groom From £40 (Please note we do not hand strip)


    Mini Groom From £20

    Full Groom From £25

    Cairn Terrier

    Mini Groom From £20

    Full Groom From £40 (Please note we do not hand strip)

    Cavelier/ King Charles

    Mini Groom From £20

    Full Groom From £40


    Mini Groom From £30

    Full Groom From £45

    Cocker Spaniel

    Mini Groom From £30

    Full Groom From £45


    Mini Groom From £15 (Smooth Coat)

    From £20 (Long Coat)

    Full Groom From £25 (Smooth Coat)

    From £35 (Long Coat)


    Full Groom only From £40

    English Setter

    Mini Groom From £40

    Full Groom From £60

    French Bull dog

    Mini Groom From £20

    Full Groom From £30

    German Shepherd

    Mini Groom From £50

    Full Groom From £65

    Golden Retreiver

    Full Groom only From £50

    Irish Setter

    Mini Groom From £40

    Full Groom From £60

    Jack Russell

    Mini Groom From £20

    Full Groom From £35


    Mini Groom From £30

    Full Groom From £40


    Mini Groom From £50

    Full Groom From £65

    Lhasa Apso

    Mini Groom From £20

    Full Groom From £40

    Mini Schnauzer

    Mini Groom From £20

    Full Groom From £40



    Mini Groom From £20

    Full Groom From £40


    Mini Groom From £30

    Full Groom From £50


    Mini Groom From £40

    Full Groom From £75

    Shih Tzu

    Mini Groom From £20

    Full Groom From £40

    West Highland Terrier

    Mini Groom From £20

    Full Groom From £40

    Mixed Breeds

    Please Enquire with a photo of your mixed breed- don't go from what size they are similar to as there are many factors including size, coat type, behaviour as to pricing your dogs groom.

    Puppy Groom!

    Puppy Grooms start from £20 for all breeds up to 4 months.

  • Our Other Pet services

    Look after all your animal family!

    Small Pets Matter too! Cat and Small Animal Sitting in Bishops Stortford

    Make sure everyone is cared for while you're away

    We have lots of experience with all sorts of pets (including cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, and exotics!). If you are going away and would like some one to look after your small pets for you we can help.


    We cover Bishops Stortford, Dunmow and surrounding areas.


    Call or message us, rates start at £8 per visit (not per pet).

    Invite your dog to your wedding!

    The most important guest

    Wish you could have your dog at your wedding? It seems like a lovely idea until you think about the practicalities of having some one you trust to look after them!

    We look after your pet on your special day, play with them and walk them before and after the ceremony, get them photo ready with a quick groom, bring them to the venue for as long as you like (the ceremony, just photos, or the whole day!). We then take them home or to a relative and settle them for the evening.

    Typically a 6 hour day, Weekdays £250 Saturdays- POA

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  • Opportunity for a Self Employed Dog Groomer!

    Opportunity for a self employed dog groomer to work in our lovely natural salon.


    We are a calm and natural salon, newly opened a year ago and are now looking to build our team of groomers. We often have rescue and nervous dogs in for socialisation and grooming, so you will need to be patient and kind with dogs and their people. We are only looking for people who have an absolute passion for making a dogs experience great.


    You will need to have grooming experience (ideally 1 year+), the relevant qualifications/courses and have your own clients. You’ll run your own diary so therefore can work as much or as little as you choose, Monday- Saturday. We will ask for tester grooms to see what you can do.


    Rent and a % of takings will apply, this is to be discussed but will include shared use of our bath, blaster, and table should you not have your own to bring. You will need to arrange your own insurance and bring your own equipment other than those mentioned above. This is very much a self employed role- you need your own clients!


    If you feel like you could add your happy and friendly grooming skills to our team, please contact us by email, including a CV and photos of some grooming examples by you.

    Rent our Upstairs space!

    We have an upstairs space that we would love to rent to someone with a dog related business. If you have a dog massage company, Dog Reiki, or even just a dog friendly office space you need then this could be the place!


    Email us if you think you might be interested in renting our space.